Eigen haard – building agility on a legacy ERP.

Housing corporation Eigen Haard owns and manages about 50,000 houses in the greater Amsterdam region. To facilitate this, a complex ERP system is available where all customer, asset, contract and operational data is managed in a controlled way.


However, this ERP system is rigid and difficult to change. Initiated by internal resources, Eigen Haard implements its Bizagi platform. We have professionalized this platform to enable agility and business growth.

The challenge

Bizagi was implemented by internal resources without experience with the platform. Although Bizagi is a low-coding solution, it requires experience and specific knowledge to implement a solid foundation with this kind of strategic and organization wide initiatives. The initial implementation was operational but not rock solid and adaptive. For the next phase in the program, the management understood that experienced Bizagi professionals were critical.

The solution

After an audit of the current Bizagi platform we have presented a report which indicated the burning issues and points of improvement. An assessment was also done to facilitate alignment with the industry reference architecture model (CORA). Key findings were a redesign of modular (atomic) functionality in subprocesses, standardization of the interfaces with the legacy ERP and a redesign of the data model to facilitate the CORA model. After that, a team of dedicated consultants started working at a gradual change of the backbone in Bizagi. Unfortunately there was no room for a radical redesign of the data model. Alternatively we mapped the existing data model to the reference data model, which stimulated the cooperation with other partners in the industry. Also, we refurbished the current processes step by step by applying the new building blocks.

The impact

After one year of redesign and partial re-implementation, Eigen Haard was ready to start developing new processes on the applied BPM framework that we introduced. New functionality was added, like the Supplier Portal and the financial integration. New processes were also developed, supporting the core processes which elevated the BPM platform to a higher, professional level. Eigen Haard's bravery to make these fundamental changes in an already existing BPM solution paid off in the following years. Development of new processes could now be completed in only 40% of the original time and reusability of components saved over 25% in project costs.

Team Lead: Guido Willemsen

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